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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Welcome back parents ! Hope everyone has had a restful holiday break!

I have many things to share: 

This 9 weeks, we will begin incorporating Fast Facts into our curriculum.  The goal of Fast Facts is to promote mastery and fluency of basic mathematical facts and to retain that mastery over time. 

We will take a total of 4 tests this 9 weeks that will increase from 10 problems to 15 problems as the 9 weeks progresses. Your child will have 2 minutes in which to solve these addition and subtraction problems. The facts we will focus on are single digit, +1, +2, -1, -2 (i.e. 5+1, 2+6, 9-1 etc). We may give “practice” tests on the weeks that a formal test is not given.

Below are some helpful websites and games to help children learn their facts:

Online Resources: (online flashcards)

Number Cube Game
Drop 2 number cubes (dice) and adds them together. See how many you can do in 5 minutes.

Addition Battle (Card Game)
Place the stack of cards in the middle of the playing area. Each player picks two cards. Add their cards together. The student with the highest sum wins.

Guesstimate (Card Game)
Players will draw a card and place it on his/her forehead. They will try to guess the number without looking at the card. The other players will help by saying either greater or less. This can also be played with two playing cards. Players will place two cards on his/her forehead.

   Just a reminder : Need Binders please!

 I have received 8 binders so far~!  I would like to create a portfolio that is easier for parents to store.  If you would send a 3 ring binder to school, I  will organize your child's writing for the year. The binders should be 2.5 or 3  inches wide. The binders should also have a clear pocket on the front for the students to slip in a title page. (Most binders have a clear cover.)

Beginning next week we will honor one student a week as our “Super Star”. Our student “star” of the week will be selected by a drawing on Friday. Then on the following Monday, we want our “star” of the week to bring a poster. I’ll supply the poster and the student will use photographs and drawings to decorate the poster to represent themselves and their family. Student’s may bring anything they wish to display from home to teach us about their family, family history, interests, favorites, special trips, etc. in their tote/suitcase on Monday morning.

I have also sent out a new scholastic book order for January.  You may purchase books the traditional way or click on my link to purchase books online:

Activation code for our class:  KXC9R

Thanks for all you do!

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