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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Good Morning!

Let's just say I feel your pain.  This Saturday I spent my time sorting through your sorts of our math adoption.  I am happy to report we have 17 complete class sets of Topic one through twelve.  I will try my best to finish the rest.  :)   If you still have a math text,  please kindly return the sheets this week so that we may begin to incorporate the lessons into our math instruction.  Please sort the pages and fold them.    Again, thanks to all who volunteered their time to complete this tourtious task. Next year, we will have a "sorting party" after school.  :)


This week, we we will begin our study of Arthur books during our read aloud time.  We will continue making text to self connections and introduce text to text connections.  A text to text connection is the ability to actively think while reading by making a reference to a similar text.  Students will use the phrase, "This reminds me of the book ________because______.  Practice at home as you child reads or you read to your child their Arthur books.  Please remember to record your great reading on the yellow sheets sent out Friday.  They will be collected at the end of our reading drive.

Please review your student's progress report and return the form signed.  Thanks

This week as previously discussed, we will begin our formally spelling instruction.  Lists will be adjusted to best meets your child's individual needs.

Home readers will also begin this week.  Your child will select a book on their reading level, read them to you.  Please record their daily reading on the form .   A yellow contract was sent out last week.  Please return the signed form.   If it is a new book, please do a picture walk with your child prior to reading to text.  This will assist your child with meaning.

In science, we will continue our study of matter.  This week we will look at the properties of liquids.  

In social studies, we will begin our study of map skills, including cardinal directions, and bird's eye view.

Thanks again for all your support.  Ana

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's hard to believe that three weeks have flown by.  Open house is this Thursday evening.  Come see what great work we have done so far!

We have officially begun Words Their Way for spelling. Just a reminder spelling lists are individually generated based on your child's spelling needs.   They will/may be adjusted throughout the year to best meet your child's individual needs.  Each Monday your child will be introduced to a new list of words.  I will model how to sort the words based on spelling patterns.  Your child will bring the same sort to practice sorting the words at home.  During reading work stations, your child will have another opportunity to sort the words to reinforce the spelling pattern.  As a I challenge, we will encourage your child to sort the word list their own way, as well.  You will receive a copy of your child's list each Monday to practice. 

This week we will continue teaching your children to properly sort their spelling words into spelling patterns.  Next week we will formally begin spelling tests.  Spelling tests will be administered each Friday as well as the sight word list.  Just a reminder your child will be expected to read the list in random order in less then ten seconds.     

In science, we will continue discussing properties of solids.  

Poetry folders were sent out last Wednesday.  The poems are an effective way to learn high frequency words and increase your child’s reading fluency.  Each week we will read poems in varied ways: normal, whisper voices, patterns, fast and slow etc.  Just ask your children they can model it for you.  J

At home please have your child read the poem tracking their reading with either their “ sharp pointers” (fingers) or reading with their eyes.  Your child may also circle any new word they learned to read.  Thanks for all your support.

Still need parent volunteers to help sort our new math adoption.  Please let me know if you can help.  Thanks to all those who have already volunteered.  Most appreciative.

I need your help. I would like to begin inviting each of you to serve as a mystery reader in our classroom. What is a mystery reader?  A mystery reader is a person who would like to volunteer to come to read to our class during our snack time each Thursday afternoon .  You will provide three clues about yourself and our class will guess the mystery.  Your will select a favorite book to read to our class.  Please let me know if you would like to volunteer in an email at


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dear parents , 

I have several things to share this week.

Thanks so much for taking an active part in your child's education.  It is a true partnership.  

This week is color week.  Your child is encouraged to come to school dressed in the following color order: 

o   Monday- Red
o   Tuesday –Orange
o   Wednesday yellow ( Picture day, may or may not wear yellow. Not my best color. hahaha ) 
o   Thursday- Green
o   Friday- Blue

This Wednesday, September 12 is our picture day.  We will take our pictures at 8:50  a.m. Come with a smile.  

This week we will begin homework.  Your child will be expected to return daily their green folders.  The kids are expected to read 15 to 20 minutes each night as one part of their homework. We will be sending level readers home soon. Please continue to read to and with your child for enjoyment, outside of their assigned reading time.If your child does not complete his work , he/she will be expected to complete assignment during recess. 

Our library day is Wednesday.  Books will be collected each Wednesday morning.
I will be sending out scholastic book orders for you to purchase just right books for your children.

I will share our monthly newsletter via email in order to be green. Be on the look out :)

This week, I will begin our formal guided reading lessons and introduce our spelling sorts procedures.  Next week, we will begin sending sorts home to begin our spelling Friday tests.

We will begin our math workshop approach to teaching math.  Your children will interactivity participate in math tubs reinforcing concepts learned the previous week.  I will conduct small math groups based on your child's individual needs.  

    Tomorrow, we will conclude our senses study by conducting a nature walk with our I touches by synthesizing the senses learned last week.   

    This week we will begin of our study of solids.  At home you may begin brainstorming objects .  We will perform various experiments this week.

    Please don't hesitate to ask any questions.  I am just an email away.  Ana

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dear Parents,

We are off to a great start.  Hope everyone has had a restful weekend. Thanks to all for such a warm welcome to Hunter's Creek. 

This week we will have our curriculum night for first grade at 6:00 pm.  More details to follow.

In class, we will continue establishing routines and procedures.  We will discuss characteristics of good readers and create a jot list of ideas during our writer's workshop.

In social studies, we will begin our study of citizenship by discussing important members of our school community.

In science, we will study the five senses by participating in several hands on activities.

In class we will continue building our classroom community by incorporating TRIBES activities.   My goal is to fill your child's bucket by catching them doing well.  On Fridays, I will have lunch with children that make good choices through the week.   By now your child has told you about our class mascot, Alfred.  Each day a student will be selected to care for our mascot.  

I invite to follow my blog.  My goal is to try to keep you informed weekly.