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Monday, January 16, 2012

Week of Jan.16,2012

Short Simple Week!

Hope everyone enjoyed their extra day off!
Not much to report this week.

We will continue learning how to write an effective persuasive essay, focusing on reading other essays and learning how to use "convincing words" in our essays.

In our economics unit, our class will have to select a product to sell. It will of course be some sort of chocolate goodness. More news to follow shortly.

The study of chocolate resumes. This week will will continue to learn about interesting facts and have a mini taste test of different varieties. Yum!

In math, we will discuss the importance of perimeter by using the metric system. Please continue practicing multiplication facts with your children.

In science, we will discuss the importance of water in our world, it's cycle and their sources.

Our pencil supply is slowly disappearing. If you would like to donate some pencils, I would greatly appreciate your efforts. Thanks so much.

Have a great week !

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week of January 8, 2012

Happy New Year to all!

Hope everyone had a restful winter break. My goal this semester is to build their stamina as readers in preparation for our STAAR test. We will be reading various genres including novels and poems in the next few weeks. Thanks for your continuous support.

In writing, we will introduce the art of writing a persuasive essay. We will be discussing the difference between a fact and a opinion and writing a convincing lead. We will be “consuming” many persuasive texts to serve as models for their own writing.

In Spelling, I am encouraging your child to practice their spelling words in cursive.

This week in math we will introduce the concept of division and its relationship to multiplication. Please continue to help your child learn their multiplication facts. They may study the set of 3’s, 4’s and so on. You may help your child by making flash cards with index cards or by purchasing a set of cards at Target. Teacher’s Heaven is also a good resource. We will be taking mini quizzes of those facts throughout the next few weeks. Your child is expected to correctly be able to answer 40 facts in a two minute period. Once your child has mastered each quiz with a 90% or better, they will continue until they have mastered multiplication facts through 10. Ask your child about Bizz, Buzz. It’s a fun way to learn their facts as a family.

Your child is learning to be a meteorologist. We have begun our study of weather. For the next three weeks, your child will record the daily temperature, measure the precipitation level, determine the wind’s direction, and predict the forecast.

In Social Studies, we have begun our study of economics by studying what else but chocolate. It is a wonderful MDE tradition. Last week they learned how to read flow charts and learned how cacao beans become milk chocolate. This week we will learn about scarcity and opportunity cost.

Thanks again for all your support. We make a good team. Have a wonderful week.