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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week of Sept. 26, 2011

This week we are beginning a Mysteries Unit.  Please encourage your child to begin reading from this genre.  We will consume many mysteries in the weeks to come.  This week we will review the attributes of mysteries, the components and begin solving our own mysteries.  At the conclusion of this unit your child will complete a book review on a mystery and share with the class.

I need your help.  As we begin this unit, I would like to take pictures of our class as “detectives” and “suspects”.  If you have a magnifying glass or hat please let me know.  I have the rest. J

I will begin to post student work samples, pictures and experiments created by your children.  I will send a permission slip this week for your approval.  If you object, I will respect your wishes and not post your child’s work.  Thanks in advance. 

This week we will be adding two and three digit numbers, regrouping and not regrouping.  We will take a facts test this week.  Thanks for reviewing their addition and subtraction facts.

In Social Studies this week, we will discuss what it means to be patriotic.  We will discuss American symbols.  Your child will be asked to research and write about one.  (Examples include:  Bald Eagle, Liberty Bell, Washington Monument, White House, Statue of Liberty etc....)

In science, we are working on a project.  Will post soon.  Yes, I’m keeping you in the dark. J

Next week we will begin our mystery readers.  You are free to choose your selection. I will also send a list of possible book suggestions in an email.  I will email each of you the schedule.

I will be out of town this Friday and next Monday to attend a family wedding.  Mrs. Axelrod will be my substitute.  I will not post until next Tuesday.

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