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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tool # 9

Integrating Technology into our curriculum is and excellent way to motivate students to learn.  Students already all use technology in their daily lives :Internet, games. We must prepare students to complete globally to secure jobs.  We all learned about the importance of actively interacting with our learning-Technology just makes it easier. 

Below are some sites I plan to use in my own classroom:

This website differentiates instruction for you and the students:

A useful website to motivate students to play as they learn:

Study Ladder.  This site is very user friendly.

All the subjects are well organized and offer specific activities for each subject matter.  This one is for math:

Teachers must have a way to measure student accountability.  A  rubric is a great start at work stations.  Both the teacher and students can help create the rubric.  This allow all participants to have a sense of ownership. Teachers can create google docs with links and sations for the week.  Students can reflect and write about what they learned at the station for the day.

Below is a useful website to plan stations for the ipad/itouches.  The site offers wonderful apps to use in the classroom.

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  1. Great job Ana. You are really pressing in. I hope that you feel you are gaining some great tools for teaching next year. It is wonderful to read your ideas as you post. You are a great teacher and you "see" teaching potential in new things. I hope these really come through for you and you find ways to share all you have learned.