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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tool # 8

I learned that The iPod touch and iPad are wifi enabled portable media players using the multi-touch graphical user interface. Both require synchronization through iTunes with a Mac or Windows computer via a USB port. Teacher must sync the classroom devices to her/his teacher laptop.  Hoepfully this process will be simple .

Helpful suggestions in the classrooms:

Students and parents must have read, signed and returned the SBISD AUP policy found in the SBISD Student Handbook. The campus is then responsible for entering the information into Skyward so that classroom teachers are aware of students who are cleared to use the devices.
Assigning classroom technicians who are responsible for removing the devices from the storage/charging cabinets each morning and placing them in the designated area in the classroom for learning. Then each afternoon they are responsible for returning, connecting to power and locking the cabinet each afternoon. They could alert you to any technical or physical issues that need to be addressed by you.

  • Publish a set of rules relating to netbook use 
  • Students must put their screens down when doing non-computer tasks to focus their attention
  • Insist that netbooks must run on batteries during teaching hours, to prevent tangled power cords
  • Provide a plan for students to allow them to prepare for the next lesson
  • When setting an activity with a complex set of steps, post instructions on the pilot's online platform and/or print them for the classroom wall to reduce time spent on repeating instructions
  • Have a ‘no other work in class’ policy so students aren’t catching up on work from other lessons in your class
  • Circulate around the class to monitor students’ screens

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  1. I know that your students are going to love using their devices in your room. I hope that you help lead out at your next school as you will be ahead of the curve. Keep trucking, you are almost done.