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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tools # 4

Sharing documents is useful for several reasons.  It saves time .  No longer do you have to email your peers documents for feedback.  Documents are all stored in one single location. Availability is easy as a touch of a button.  Your peers all have access to your files.  Changes can be made and shared instantly on the Google docs homepage.  Team members can view those changes and comment.   One can solicit feedback from peers.  Data can also be saved and used to group students and plan instructional needs.  This is great for team planning.  Peers can share their expertise with each other.  I look forward to learning more about google documents to improve my instruction and organization of information

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  1. Great thinking. I totally agree that having everything in one place is really great. Also, you can create folders and really begin to organize your information. Wonderful.